Citing for you: MLA formatting

I want to start this post with an invitation. If you have questions about source/citation formatting in MLA style, please send me your question and I will do what I can to help you answer it! One of the biggest challenges I have come across in graduate school is gaining a more firm understanding about... Continue Reading →


The Clean Eating Cookbook Chapter 2 Part 3

In this section of the cookbook, there are suggestions (not necessarily common ones) of different foods that pair well together for the best nutritional value for your body. The last pairing suggestion (found on page 19) is Whole grains + garlic: this combination is perfect base for a casserole, but it can also boost your... Continue Reading →

Clean Eating Cookbook Chapter 2 Part 2

Ever wonder what food are not so good for you? Well according to the Clean Eating Cookbook Chapter 2, here are a couple of things to consider when ditching food that does not fit the standards of clean eating. 1.Conventionally Grown Produce - consider cutting out conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, which are contaminated by... Continue Reading →

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