Grad School

So grad school…

It has been an experience so far, but I am enjoying it. I have learned a lot (more about myself then anything else).

This semester I am learning about film theory based on multiculturalism and mainstream. (Say that three times fast) Needless to say these are pretty hard topics to nail down. For the remainder of this semester, I have a presentation and a final paper. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot written like that but it is sort of freaking me out a bit..deep breaths….deep…breaths… you get the point.

So for right now I am doing corrections and more research. LOTS of research… I actually really love research, mainly when it involves the Library. I think I could spend all day every day in the library or any book store/place.

So for the first lesson I learned, make friends with the librarians. They will SAVE you. Since I began grad school, I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. The first is finding a plethora of source materials to complete a bibliography. It can be very overwhelming when you think you know what you want to do, but cannot find anything/written material/published material over it. That is when the superheros so often underestimated, the Librarians, step in. No, not the Peter Winther’s Librarian where the protagonist Flynn discovers amazing artifacts and himself while saving the world, but real life people who have dedicated themselves to the wonderful world of research, scholarship, and books.

The librarians can find things that no one else can, so utilize their knowledge and research abilities. They will be more than happy to help you just remember to say thank you. And say it often! Be grateful.

So in a nut shell: Common Sense tip #1– make friends with the librarians and say thank you often.


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