Get Dirty! Southern Common Sense Part 4

Have you ever worked outside for half a day, and when the work was finished, felt this complete wash of contentment come over you? I think it is an amazing feeling but I often do not give myself the opportunity to experience it. There are always so many other things that I need or want to do like watch a Netflix’s series or clean the house. When I was younger, I was outside constantly, but I feel like the older I get the further I seem to disappear into technology and move away from nature.

This past weekend, I spent a whole day helping my husband carry and load the panels from our old fence onto the trailer, and after we finished I felt so accomplished and my stress level was way down. That made me wonder, what is it about working outside and getting a little dirty that puts me into a place of contentment? This sparked a need to do some research. Here is what I found:

The first website I came across what This website has some pretty interesting information about the effects of reconnecting with nature by walking barefoot outside or working in a garden. This website also gives some information on different studies and sources where they are basing their information. Mind you that this site is selling a product, but it gave me a foundation to keep researching. Continuing on the research path, I cam across Wellness Mama Blog. She gives a lot of information about how she came across grounding and how it worked for her, and what she learned doing her own research. I found it very informative.

This then led me to a sparkpeople post about why getting outside is so good for you. Their main argument is a there is a lack Vitamin D intake in the average person. So when you go outside, your Vitamin D intake increases which in-turn improves your health.

The last thing that I realized while doing a bit of research was that while being outside increased my mood for the better, accomplishing a task that I could see made and physically touch made me feel very content and proud of myself (a good time to pat yourself on the back). Perhaps that is what I need more of, to make time to work outside an accomplish a physical task that I have wanted to get done. I think being able to see and touch something that you have completed really completes the reward and the process of rewarding yourself.

To to sum up what I realized and learned: 1. Being outside and getting dirty not only helps relieve stress, but can promote better health. 2. Being outdoors increases Vitamin D and in turn overall health. 3. Accomplishing a physical task outside helps promote a feeling of contentment (at least for me).

Have you every experienced feeling better after completing a task outside? What task did you do? How long were you working on it?

I would love to hear from you, and send me pictures of your outdoor accomplishments!! So go outside and get a little Dirty! You know you want to!!!


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