The Clean Eating Cookbook Chapter 2 Part 3

In this section of the cookbook, there are suggestions (not necessarily common ones) of different foods that pair well together for the best nutritional value for your body.

Food Pairing PAGE 18 Food Pairing Page 19

The last pairing suggestion (found on page 19) is Whole grains + garlic: this combination is perfect base for a casserole, but it can also boost your immune system. Garlic is a source of sulfur, which can substantially improve the absorption of zinc in whole grains.

These are very interesting suggestions that would be great starts to recipe creation as well as recipe research. Plus each of these suggestions give you an idea of how combining these things increase your nutritional intake. I think one of the biggest things I have learned so far about clean eating is to be adventurous with food. Mind you, I have made a couple of meals that I did not like, but I tried them.

So as I am still learning, I am intrigued by new ingredients as well as the recipes that follow them. Last night I made Clean Eating Tuna Patties, and they were pretty good! The only problem I had with them was they did not stick together really well, and there was a lot of wasted egg. You can find that recipe here!

Let me know what you think about the tuna patties if you try them? Did you have trouble keeping the patties together? Did you do anything differently? Please comment below!!


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