New and Better You Series: Bye Bye Facebook

As you can tell, hopefully, by the title, I am in the process of changing myself for the better. One of the big things I noticed about myself is that I am constantly using the FB app on my phone. I mean like all of the time.

So for my first step, I decided to delete the FB app off of my phone to prevent me from using it as much. Here is what happened:

The first thing I noticed was that every time I picked up my phone, I automatically went to press the FB app. Once the app was not there, I still look for it, but I do not access it. Relieving myself of looking at my news feed helped me feel much more present. I tend to pay much more attention when I am listening to someone tell me about their day, and I really like feeling more in-tune to what is going on around me.

At first I felt slightly left out, but slightly scolded myself for my comment to myself. I could I feel left out when I wasn’t really a part of the situation to begin with.

My news feed is not going anywhere.

All I have to do is access it on a computer if I want to. The difference is, there is not the constant option to look and read at what all of my “friends” are doing.

The longer I go without FB on my phone, the more I realize how much I do not care about reading about everyone’s day. Most of the people I am friends with are family and close friends. If I want an update, I should call or text them. Communication is such an important part of our life, and now that I am forced to actually use my phone for what it is made for more often, I feel like a better friend.

My stress level and restlessness has gone way down. I find that it is easier for me to fall asleep at night. Perhaps this is because I am actually allowing myself to relax before I lay down. There have been many articles outlining some of the affects of social media on sleep. Here are a few: Social Media use, Addiction to Social Networking, Are you aware, and Kids’ sleep patterns.  These are only a handful of articles about sleep and social media, but I do have to agree that not using it while I am at home has really helped my sense of calm.

So my goal is to continue not using FB on my phone. Without it, I am more present and more relaxed at home, and I tend to get more done around the house instead of wasting time.

How much time to you spend on FB?

Do you think you would be able to delete it?

Let me know if you have tried it or are planning to. What did you experience?

Update 1.4.16: Okay you guys. I have to say that deleting FB off of my phone has been one of the best decisions I have made in a while, and I plan to keep it off. Over my Christmas break, I was able to read almost an entire book by my favorite author, Anne Rice. That is huge for me. I am a really slow reader (mainly because I try to mentally absorb the words on the page), and I read over 200 pages!! Also, I was able to participate more in conversations. I am really loving it! Have you given it a try yet? Well you should! I will give ya’ll another update in a month or two.





Time to grow up…Southern Common Sense Part 6

Alright ya’ll some of you may not like this post and that is fine.

Below are a couple of things that have bothered me that I think people need to get over. Please feel free to comment below.

Let me start off by saying it is okay to have your feelings hurt, and it is okay to get fired up about some things, but sometimes people need to get over “it”.

Example 1: If you are a student, and you know you have a big test or paper coming up, do not wait until the last minute to get started studying or writing it. It is not the teacher/professor’s fault for your bad grade, it is your own. The world is not against you, you just did not do the work. Accept that it is your fault and do better next time. Get over it.

Example 2: If you have bills to pay and cannot pay them, maybe its time to sell some stuff and quit your bad spending habits. I used to be like this. Spending more than I made, until one day my bank account went in the red and kept growing further in the red. Luckily my parents bailed me out, but they let me know that if it ever happened again, I was on my own. That took the blinders off for sure. Now I have a very well functioning budget, and am paying off dept one step at a time. So people who want me to feel sorry for them because they have to have a job and can’t afford the new iPhone when it comes out, I just want to give them my sassy, really?, face. You can completely change your life if you put yourself on a budget and also if you pay attention to your spending habits. Sometime you have to realize that you have Champagne taste on a beer budget, and be grateful that you can still drink the beer…just say’n.

Finally Example 3: If you are over the age of 20, and your parents are still handling things for you, its time to grow up. Being 20 is a blast and sometimes terrifying, but it can also shed some light on the amount of things our parents did/do for us. So its time to quit asking our parents to call the electric company for you, or to call your professor/teacher when you make a bad grade, or wash/dry your laundry. I am not saying never speak to your parents again, but if something is going on and you ask your parents for advice (because there is a high percentage that they have been through it before), let them know up front that this is something you know that you need to handle on your own, but you just want their advice. You will respect yourself more and your parents will start to see you as the blossoming adult you are rather than an over-grown child. It is okay to ask for help, but come on people, you can’t call yourself an adult and have your parents fight your battles for you. Be the ring leader, handle your own monkeys in your own circus.

Is there something that you think you need to work on? Please let me know. I would love a discussion on this!!

Let’s talk about music..

I know this is a pretty broad topic that really could go in any direction, but I have to say, music is something that has the ability to alter my mood!

So for this blog post, I am going to recommend 25 songs that help me get jazzed up. What I mean by that is, when work has me down, or life in general, I crank these tunes and dance around until I feel better.

I would love to hear from you on which songs you like from the list, or what you thought about songs you have never listened to before from the list.

Also, I am going to try something new, let’s vote on our favorite songs from the list below and see what the consensus is! Are you game?! Well then saddle up and let’s do this!!

My (judge me for my randomness) Dance it off/rock it off list:

One last thing before I begin, these are not my top favorite songs of all time, they just really work for me when I need a pick me up.

25. Hey Mama- by David Guetta (ft. Nikki Minaj)

-Overall a really fun song. Dance where ever, just mind the lyrics if there are little ears around.

24. Conquest- by The White Stripes

-The horns in this song make it for me.

23. Shoop- by Salt-N-Pepa

-A bit old school but a classic all the same.

22. Shots & Squats- by Vigiland

-Never tried doing this, but this song kinda makes me consider it.

21. Downtown- by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

-I just love this song so much. Makes me wanna buy a moped scooter.

20. Kick a Little- by Little Texas

-I have loved this song since I was a kid, and still love it today.

19. All I do is Win- by DJ Khaled

-What can I say, all I do is win win win no matter what!

18. Booty- by Jennifer Lopez

-This song I just recently heard, and it is a little addicting.

17. Wiggle- by Jason Derulo (ft. Snoop Dogg

-Try not to dance to this song… almost impossible.

16. Shake it Off- by Taylor Swift

-I never was a really TS fan until I heard this song. Not saying I love her, but this song is to fun not to like.

15. Paris (Ooh La La)- by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

-Every single time I hear this song I become the lead singer in the band performing on stage with my amazing air guitar skills. So fun!

14. Never Gonna Stop- by Rob Zombie

-An old favorite. Fun to lip sing and dance to!

13. I Look Good- by Chalie Boy

-Sometime you just need a little confirmation and confidence booster and this song gives it to you!

12. I Got my Game On- by Trace Adkins

-There is something about his voice! A great song to crank when you are getting ready to go out!

11. Gett Off- by Prince

-What a delightfully dirty song! Haha has some great one liners, but overall fun to swing around to!

10. Freak on a Leash- by Korn

-An old favorite for sure, but great when you are having a bad day!

9. Fancy – by Iggy Azalea (Yellow Claw Remix)(ft. Charli XCX)

-This is a great cardio song, or dancing while your cooking dinner. Not for little ears again, so make sure and get down with your bad self with your headphones in.

8. Cry to Me- by Solomon Burke

-Every time I hear this song I think of Dirty Dancing. Puts a smile on my face and great to sing to!

7. But I Am a Good Girl- by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque

-“Darling what did you do for those pearls?” Great song to pop your hips to and channel your inner burlesque dancer.

6. Bubble Butt- by Major Lazor (ft. Bruno Mars)

-This song has a great base line, and I love the solo. Definitely not a song for little ears (its a little dirty), but great either way.

5. Boogie Woogie Mamacita- by The Tejas Brothers

-Oh Texas Country! If your ears haven’t been graced by Texas Country, then definitely give this song a try. This is a great two-step song, or half-step, or dancing by yourself song.

4. Pinball Wizard- by The Who

“Sure Plays a mean pinball!” This is such a classic. A fun and good rock a round dance tune!

3. I’m Really Hot- by Missy Elliott

-I love love love Missy Elliott! I have been listening to her since I was in jr high! How can you not dance to this!!!

2. Killin’ It- by Krewella

-Her voice with the back drop is fantastic. Get your heart rate up and dance it off!!

  1. Juke Box Hero- by Foreigner

-This song is my absolute favorite that gets me going every single time I listen to it. I work out to this song. I shower to this song. It is one of those jams that turn any gloomy day around.