Time to grow up…Southern Common Sense Part 6

Alright ya’ll some of you may not like this post and that is fine.

Below are a couple of things that have bothered me that I think people need to get over. Please feel free to comment below.

Let me start off by saying it is okay to have your feelings hurt, and it is okay to get fired up about some things, but sometimes people need to get over “it”.

Example 1: If you are a student, and you know you have a big test or paper coming up, do not wait until the last minute to get started studying or writing it. It is not the teacher/professor’s fault for your bad grade, it is your own. The world is not against you, you just did not do the work. Accept that it is your fault and do better next time. Get over it.

Example 2: If you have bills to pay and cannot pay them, maybe its time to sell some stuff and quit your bad spending habits. I used to be like this. Spending more than I made, until one day my bank account went in the red and kept growing further in the red. Luckily my parents bailed me out, but they let me know that if it ever happened again, I was on my own. That took the blinders off for sure. Now I have a very well functioning budget, and am paying off dept one step at a time. So people who want me to feel sorry for them because they have to have a job and can’t afford the new iPhone when it comes out, I just want to give them my sassy, really?, face. You can completely change your life if you put yourself on a budget and also if you pay attention to your spending habits. Sometime you have to realize that you have Champagne taste on a beer budget, and be grateful that you can still drink the beer…just say’n.

Finally Example 3: If you are over the age of 20, and your parents are still handling things for you, its time to grow up. Being 20 is a blast and sometimes terrifying, but it can also shed some light on the amount of things our parents did/do for us. So its time to quit asking our parents to call the electric company for you, or to call your professor/teacher when you make a bad grade, or wash/dry your laundry. I am not saying never speak to your parents again, but if something is going on and you ask your parents for advice (because there is a high percentage that they have been through it before), let them know up front that this is something you know that you need to handle on your own, but you just want their advice. You will respect yourself more and your parents will start to see you as the blossoming adult you are rather than an over-grown child. It is okay to ask for help, but come on people, you can’t call yourself an adult and have your parents fight your battles for you. Be the ring leader, handle your own monkeys in your own circus.

Is there something that you think you need to work on? Please let me know. I would love a discussion on this!!


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