Gather your Gumption! Southern Common Sense Part 7

Have you ever seen someone walking down a hall or through a crowd of people with great intent? Not necessarily aggressive, but walking with their chin up, shoulders back, and eyes fixed on a target. That person is moving forward with such purpose that they dare not remove their eyes from the destination, in fear of whatever they are focused on disappearing.

Today I am going to talk about finding or putting into motion your gumption. Everyone has it, its just that some of us have forgot how to utilize it and to command it. So here we go!

By definition, Gumption is “shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness” (found at

So what does that mean? I think there could be many variations of interpretation, but in the south, having gumption is something to be proud of and strive for. Gumption to me is a sort of self-respect that fuels your drive to be more self-reliant and better than you were the day before. I am constantly working on myself, and hopefully improving myself. My gumption is what satiates me.

So do you use your gumption? Have you lost it?

IF you feel like you have no idea what I am talking about, lets participate in a small scenario.

Example: You are at work. You work with many people all trying to accomplish a goal. You are not anyone’s boss, but merely at a different level of clearance that must be checked off before the job can move on to the next person. You have many tasks that must be done at once, and non of them are ones that can be completed in one day, so you have designed a sort of cycle for yourself to keep you on task. The first task is partially completed with an email out to the other people you work with explaining what needs to be done on their end, in order for you to complete your level of clearance, and that you will go back through all of these open cases again in a couple of weeks for a final check (you give them a specific date for all work to be complete). In the mean time you are working on second big task which takes three steps instead of one to complete. While you are working through the second task, you receive an email from one of the people you work with, asking you double check that they have completed what you asked of them for the first task, even though it is before the date that you gave as the deadline for all work to be done. What do you do? Do you email the person back and remind them of the deadline, and continue working through the second task, or do you stop what you are doing in the second task and go back to double check the person’s work?

In this scenario, this person is wanting to have a quick clear on their work, but if you do this for one worker you will have to do this for all of them (that is why you gave the deadline). To me, the person you work with should gather their gumption and double check everything on their end. If it fulfills the requirements set forth by the email, then all should be good to go. That way it keeps them on task as well as you. There are however, many different variations to approach this, and I would love to hear your take on it!

So back to gumption. Finding your self-reliance is something that many of us have forgotten how to do. It is so easy to get instant information that we tend to ask others to do something that we can do ourselves with out the delay. But why? Why do we sacrifice our own prowess to place that responsibility on someone else? Is it laziness?

The common sense tip of the day: gather up your gumption. Yes you may have not completed something exactly as requested, but take the time to double check your work! Learning from our mistakes only makes us that much better. Take pride in what you are doing! Intently complete your task, and grasp tightly of your gumption! It will not only make you feel much more accomplished, but it will prove to those around you, that you have passion for what you do and vision.

How are you going to gather your gumption? Let me know below!


Betterment Plan 2016: 1st update

Happy Monday Morning to ya’ll! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. Mine is going pretty good and I am feeling great on top of that.

So for my first update on my families new lifestyle changes. It has been a complete week, and I have noticed a few changes. We did, however, decide to take things one step at a time and not overwhelm our bodies to much. So this is what we have done so far:

We are in the process of kicking a bad habit. It has been a full week for both my husband and I, and we have no touched that nastiness that used to be our part of our life. The beginning of last week was a bit rough, but so far so good!

Secondly, last Sunday, January 3, 2016, I put together our dinners for the week. By put together, I mean I got all of the chicken thawed, seasonings, and what not in the pan, covered with tin foil and labeled (what day, temperature for the oven, and time to cook it). This was probably one of the best things I did last week. It made coming home after work and cooking dinner much easier, and gave me a little more time to wind down from my work day. So I decided to follow the pattern and prep dinners again this past Sunday. So A+ there 🙂 I posted two recipes last week, Artichoke Bruschetta Chicken and Lemon Pepper Chicken, which turned out perfectly! Check them out by clicking on them. This week I will post my two favorite recipes so you can try them to.

Although last week we allowed ourselves a cheat day (we went out to eat one night) overall it was not that bad. The one thing we have not done yet is start our exercise routine. We will probably give ourselves a week or two more to get used to the new eating habits and not participating in bad habits before we do that.

I did want to share my weight progress so far. January 3rd I weighed myself, and I totaled 125.6 lbs. I am 5 foot tall, so this is not my ideal weight. My goal is to get down to 115 lbs. I want lean muscle. Yesterday, I weighed again, and I am at 125.2 lbs. So not terrible for really not doing much. I can only imagine what will happen when we start exercising too!

I have noticed that I am breathing better, my skin is starting to clear up a bit, and my body temperature seems to regulate a bit better. I have also been much more conscious of my posture, and when sitting try to keep myself from slouching.

So if I were grading us for last week, I give us a B+. Would have been an A if we did not have a cheat day.

From this point forward, I will not give another update until the first Monday in February, which is February 1, 2016. So wish me luck, and I will write soon!

Until Next Time,

Momma Rae


Lemon Goodness! A Recipe & A Daily Recommendation

Who doesn’t love Lemon?! I love the fresh and invigorating flavor and smell that gets me going. So for today’s post, I have got two things that I really think you will love. What are they you might ask, well, a recipe and a recommendation.

Lemon Goodness

Let us start with the recommendation; try to drink around 16oz of lukewarm lemon water every morning. I have been drinking mine right after I finish my morning shake, and I feel fabulous! I have tried two different methods for the lemon, and I encourage you to try them as well. Let me know which you prefer. So option one is fresh, raw lemons. This to me is really the best tasting option, but if you don’t want to take the time to slice a lemon and then store what you are not using, then lemon juice works great too. The difference: with the fresh lemon slices, I feel like the taste of the lemon was stronger and more refreshing. When I tried the lemon juice, it did not come through as much as the fresh. Mind you this could possibly be fixed by adding more juice, but trial and error.

I have found that drinking the warm lemon water every morning sort of clears my head. Plus it gives me a good head start on my daily required water in-take. Also, if you need further convincing, check out these articles from Health Ambition, Dr. Axe, and StyleCraze to name a few.

Now on to the recipe.

This recipe is for Lemon Pepper’d Chicken Breast. Sound pretty good right?! It was! The chicken was tender and juicy, and I really loved the lemon flavor.

Here is my super simple recipe. Feel free to improvise if you rather, creativity is always good.

What you will need:

  • 6×6 baking dish, tin foil
  • 2 boneless and skinless chicken breast
  • 1/2 fresh lemon
  • 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup lemon pepper seasoning (you can just use the whole fresh lemon and ground pepper if you would prefer)

Put it together:

  • Preheat oven to 400 degree F.
  • Pour chicken broth into bottom of baking dish
  • Place raw and thawed chicken in the dish
  • Sprinkle Lemon Pepper seasoning atop chicken as evenly as possible
  • Slice fresh lemon into 1/4-3/4in. slices.
  • Place lemon slices atop seasoning
  • Cover dish with tin foil
  • Bake for 45 minutes.

That’s it folks. Easy-peasy. I pre-made this on Sunday (we ate it Tuesday night), and left it covered in the fridge until I was ready for it. Again, SOOOO good!

Give it a try! Both the recipe and the recommendation. What do you have to lose? Comment below with questions, comments, or whatever, and I will do my best to answer them!

Until next time!

Momma Rae



Artichoke Bruschetta Baked Chicken

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So it is already the fifth day of January! Can you believe it? I sure can’t. Time seems to fly by.

So in my last post about by Betterment plan, I laid out some of my goals for 2016, and so far so good.

I have tried a few new recipes that were pretty healthy and actually turned out good. One of the very surprising ones was Artichoke Bruschetta Baked Chicken. I was not to sure about this one, mainly because Artichokes have to cooked a very particular way for me to like them, but this was super easy and good. (Husband approved!)

Here is the recipe.

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Much to Young to Feel this Darn Old: Betterment plan for 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have had a bit of time to really think about what is important to me for this new year, and after much internal and external deliberation my husband and I have decided to start and stick to a lifestyle change. Starting tomorrow, January 2, 2016 we are going to quite bad habits, eat healthier, and start working out. In a sense, we are each other’s accountability partners. Also, I am going to dedicate more time to things that are important to me, one is the writing of a very special blog post, and the second is working more diligently on my novel. 

To begin, I started doing a bit of research on different meals and approaches to changing one’s lifestyle. Needless to say there is an ample amount of stuff out there. However, I did find a couple of articles that talked about the importance of drinking water when you first wake up. So this evening, I prepared 16 oz of green-tea lemon water, and placed it in the fridge. I am going to try to drink this every morning. 

Also, I pulled down my Zumba kit, and will begin using that again tomorrow to. I am very excited about the new possibilities that will unfold, and I will defiantly keep you posted. 

So here is a list of my overall goals for 2016:

1. Weigh 115 lbs.- I am really wanting to lean and tone up, so wish me luck on that. Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh myself, and do some basic measurements of my waist, thighs, and butt. Also I might take a before picture to have something to compare to later.

2. Drink a minimum of 63 oz daily. This should not be to hard, I average this over a span of a week, but I want to be more consistent.

3. Work out a minimum of 3 times a week. This is going to be a big change for us. Mainly because I am really great at putting housekeeping or homework ahead of a workout, but hopefully sticking to a workout will help relieve stress and keep my moods much more positive. I also hope to run a 5K and maybe a half marathon this year. 

4. Reduce sugar and salt intake. This will prove to be challenging because is seems that everything has sugar and salt in it, but paying attention to this will help. 

5. Dedicate down time for meditation and yoga. I have tried mediatation in the past, but gave up on it. So I am going to push myself to keep that up. Also yoga will help my body remain limber and keep stress levels down. 

6. Work on and finish my very special blog post. I am so excited about this one, but I want to make sure and do it right. 

7. Finish at least 1/2 of my novel. Again this is about consistency, but writing gives me such joy and having the opertunity to be creative only helps me. 
So 7 goals. Not to bad. Of course there are other small things I will be doing also, but those are my big 7. Are you setting any goals for yourself this year? What are they? I would really love to hear from you , so please comment below and let me know!!!

Until tomorrow, have a good night and sleep well!

With lots of love and peace,

Momma Rae