Gather your Gumption! Southern Common Sense Part 7

Have you ever seen someone walking down a hall or through a crowd of people with great intent? Not necessarily aggressive, but walking with their chin up, shoulders back, and eyes fixed on a target. That person is moving forward with such purpose that they dare not remove their eyes from the destination, in fear... Continue Reading →


Betterment Plan 2016: 1st update

Happy Monday Morning to ya'll! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their week. Mine is going pretty good and I am feeling great on top of that. So for my first update on my families new lifestyle changes. It has been a complete week, and I have noticed a few changes. We... Continue Reading →

Much to Young to Feel this Darn Old: Betterment plan for 2016

Happy New Year Everyone! I have had a bit of time to really think about what is important to me for this new year, and after much internal and external deliberation my husband and I have decided to start and stick to a lifestyle change. Starting tomorrow, January 2, 2016 we are going to quite... Continue Reading →

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