Much to Young to Feel this Darn Old: Betterment plan for 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have had a bit of time to really think about what is important to me for this new year, and after much internal and external deliberation my husband and I have decided to start and stick to a lifestyle change. Starting tomorrow, January 2, 2016 we are going to quite bad habits, eat healthier, and start working out. In a sense, we are each other’s accountability partners. Also, I am going to dedicate more time to things that are important to me, one is the writing of a very special blog post, and the second is working more diligently on my novel. 

To begin, I started doing a bit of research on different meals and approaches to changing one’s lifestyle. Needless to say there is an ample amount of stuff out there. However, I did find a couple of articles that talked about the importance of drinking water when you first wake up. So this evening, I prepared 16 oz of green-tea lemon water, and placed it in the fridge. I am going to try to drink this every morning. 

Also, I pulled down my Zumba kit, and will begin using that again tomorrow to. I am very excited about the new possibilities that will unfold, and I will defiantly keep you posted. 

So here is a list of my overall goals for 2016:

1. Weigh 115 lbs.- I am really wanting to lean and tone up, so wish me luck on that. Tomorrow morning I am going to weigh myself, and do some basic measurements of my waist, thighs, and butt. Also I might take a before picture to have something to compare to later.

2. Drink a minimum of 63 oz daily. This should not be to hard, I average this over a span of a week, but I want to be more consistent.

3. Work out a minimum of 3 times a week. This is going to be a big change for us. Mainly because I am really great at putting housekeeping or homework ahead of a workout, but hopefully sticking to a workout will help relieve stress and keep my moods much more positive. I also hope to run a 5K and maybe a half marathon this year. 

4. Reduce sugar and salt intake. This will prove to be challenging because is seems that everything has sugar and salt in it, but paying attention to this will help. 

5. Dedicate down time for meditation and yoga. I have tried mediatation in the past, but gave up on it. So I am going to push myself to keep that up. Also yoga will help my body remain limber and keep stress levels down. 

6. Work on and finish my very special blog post. I am so excited about this one, but I want to make sure and do it right. 

7. Finish at least 1/2 of my novel. Again this is about consistency, but writing gives me such joy and having the opertunity to be creative only helps me. 
So 7 goals. Not to bad. Of course there are other small things I will be doing also, but those are my big 7. Are you setting any goals for yourself this year? What are they? I would really love to hear from you , so please comment below and let me know!!!

Until tomorrow, have a good night and sleep well!

With lots of love and peace,

Momma Rae


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