Gather your Gumption! Southern Common Sense Part 7

Have you ever seen someone walking down a hall or through a crowd of people with great intent? Not necessarily aggressive, but walking with their chin up, shoulders back, and eyes fixed on a target. That person is moving forward with such purpose that they dare not remove their eyes from the destination, in fear of whatever they are focused on disappearing.

Today I am going to talk about finding or putting into motion your gumption. Everyone has it, its just that some of us have forgot how to utilize it and to command it. So here we go!

By definition, Gumption is “shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness” (found at

So what does that mean? I think there could be many variations of interpretation, but in the south, having gumption is something to be proud of and strive for. Gumption to me is a sort of self-respect that fuels your drive to be more self-reliant and better than you were the day before. I am constantly working on myself, and hopefully improving myself. My gumption is what satiates me.

So do you use your gumption? Have you lost it?

IF you feel like you have no idea what I am talking about, lets participate in a small scenario.

Example: You are at work. You work with many people all trying to accomplish a goal. You are not anyone’s boss, but merely at a different level of clearance that must be checked off before the job can move on to the next person. You have many tasks that must be done at once, and non of them are ones that can be completed in one day, so you have designed a sort of cycle for yourself to keep you on task. The first task is partially completed with an email out to the other people you work with explaining what needs to be done on their end, in order for you to complete your level of clearance, and that you will go back through all of these open cases again in a couple of weeks for a final check (you give them a specific date for all work to be complete). In the mean time you are working on second big task which takes three steps instead of one to complete. While you are working through the second task, you receive an email from one of the people you work with, asking you double check that they have completed what you asked of them for the first task, even though it is before the date that you gave as the deadline for all work to be done. What do you do? Do you email the person back and remind them of the deadline, and continue working through the second task, or do you stop what you are doing in the second task and go back to double check the person’s work?

In this scenario, this person is wanting to have a quick clear on their work, but if you do this for one worker you will have to do this for all of them (that is why you gave the deadline). To me, the person you work with should gather their gumption and double check everything on their end. If it fulfills the requirements set forth by the email, then all should be good to go. That way it keeps them on task as well as you. There are however, many different variations to approach this, and I would love to hear your take on it!

So back to gumption. Finding your self-reliance is something that many of us have forgotten how to do. It is so easy to get instant information that we tend to ask others to do something that we can do ourselves with out the delay. But why? Why do we sacrifice our own prowess to place that responsibility on someone else? Is it laziness?

The common sense tip of the day: gather up your gumption. Yes you may have not completed something exactly as requested, but take the time to double check your work! Learning from our mistakes only makes us that much better. Take pride in what you are doing! Intently complete your task, and grasp tightly of your gumption! It will not only make you feel much more accomplished, but it will prove to those around you, that you have passion for what you do and vision.

How are you going to gather your gumption? Let me know below!


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